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I design and implement eye-catching websites utilizing my benefits as a Wix Partner.

Website Design

I craft original content to share on a variety of mediums in order to increase business exposure and new customers.

Content Writing

I help you to reach a wider audience utilizing SEO best practices.

SEO Optimization

I scout and hire UGC creators to create organic content for brands to share on their own platforms.

Influencer Marketing

I design and create custom templates for social media and beyond.

Social Templates

I design brand color and font schemes for a cohesive online presence.

Brand Kit Design

I help you to understand the ins and outs of the digital world through customized training.

Educational Courses

I manage paid ad campaigns to increase business visibility.

Paid Ads



Project fees start at $30 per hour. Web design projects are quoted at no less than 40 hours, or a minimum of $1,200.

I create websites and digital marketing content for small businesses.

Hi, I'm Neeli.

In today's business landscape, creating a digital footprint isn't just a trend - it's a strategic necessity. As a savvy small business owner or ambitious entrepreneur, you hold the key to unlocking growth and visibility through a well-crafted digital presence. Your digital footprint is a culmination of your website, social media profiles, online reviews, blog posts, and every online interaction that weaves the story of your brand. 

Imagine casting a wider net and capturing the attention of potential customers beyond the confines of your locality. Partnering with a digital marketer like me can help your business transcend geographical boundaries by reaching a global audience hungry for what you bring to the table. Your business isn't confined to a storefront; it's a worldwide phenomenon waiting to unfold.

Embracing a strong digital footprint is embracing the future. The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and businesses that adapt thrive. By establishing a robust digital presence now, you position your business at the forefront of innovation, ready to embrace new technologies and stay ahead of the competition.

Together, we'll craft a strategy that amplifies your brand's voice, resonates with your audience, and drives real, tangible results. What are you waiting for?

Create a Lasting Impression

I immersed myself in design and coding at twelve years old, exploring the digital world in my parents' basement on an ancient Mac. From Angelfire to AOL, I honed my skills in creative design and web architecture. A pivotal moment came in 2010 when a local nonprofit sought my assistance in managing their online presence, making the start of a decade-long journey in digital marketing.


While I have extensive experience in creating social templates, my true passion lies in web design. With more than a decade of experience, I seamlessly combine creativity and analytical thinking to shape impactful campaigns and content, with a strong emphasis on web design to propel my clients toward their goals. If you're ready to elevate your business through digital marketing, count on me to assist you.

It's nice to meet you.

xoxo, Neeli

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